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About Us

Welcome to the official website for Kitsune Shrine!

Founded in 2021, we make fursuits, accessories & digital art for the furry community, and occasionally create for the cosplay community as well. Though based in Singapore, we do serve international communities and provide our craft services to wherever we're needed. 

Our namesake honors the beautiful country of Japan and its culture, while ties into the species of our Founder's main fursona - a Kitsune (nine-tailed fox) named Zylith. 

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Get to Know: Makers of Kitsune Shrine


I started Kitsune Shrine with the goal of learning to make fursuits while providing a reasonably affordable price to clients. I personally am a huge fan of the Kemono style of fursuits, and hope that Kitsune Shrine will go into the direction of the Kemono-esque style while trying to improve and work with incorporating new technology into our suits.


Hewwo! Syrazl's the name and to learn and explore is my game, some short interest of mine are Gaming, Cooking, Fursuiting and the creation of a fursuit, my favorite genre of music would be Octacore. What I hope to achieve by being here alongside kitsune shrine is to support and get supported in the creation and improvement in the art of fursuit making!

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